Refer a friend scheme

As a customer you can access our refer a friend program through the "My account" dropdown found on the top right corner of the website or under My loyalty in your account.

When you click on the Refer a friend link, you will be greeted by our referral program which explains how to refer a friend.

If you choose to refer a friend, you will be prompted to input your first name, surname and email address you use with Pet-Supermarket.

From there we provide you with several options for how you can tell your friends about Pet-Supermarket, including word of mouth.

By completing this form, you will officially join our Refer a friend program and trigger two emails.

The first confirms your registration in the program and provides you with a link to your dashboard, where you can see how many friends you invited and how many have redeemed your offer.

The second email provides you with a link you can easily share with friends.

When you share a link with your friends, they will be prompted to enter their email address so we can send them a discount code.

They will then receive an email with a promo code they are able to use on their first order with us

If you tell a friend in person, they will have the opportunity to tell us who referred them at checkout.

They can tell us who referred them by typing in your full name. If it’s a common name, we may need them to provide your email address. 

Once we find you, they will be asked to provide their email address, so we can send them a discount code.

Every time you successfully refer a new friend, you will be sent an email with a link to claim your £5 voucher code.

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